From 23 August, the new Artbank headquarters in Sydney’s Waterloo art district will be open to the public.

‘Loose Canon’, Curated by Dr Daniel Mudie Cunningham is the inaugural exhibition in Artbank’s new gallery, features artworks that span the entire history of Artbank, from 1980 to the present. The exhibition features work by artists Lynda Draper, Billy Tjampitjinpa Kenda, Peter Maloney and more.

Loose Canon navigates the conventions of a ‘collection exhibition’ in relation to the way art historical ‘canons’ are formed. The idea of the ‘canon’ itself – referring to art reflecting the highest quality standard against which something can be judged within any given historical moment – has been applied loosely and according to the peculiarities of this collection. Representing a diverse range of contemporary practice, Loose Canon presents an alternative canon with the work of well-regarded artists alongside those who are often left out of the recent histories of Australian art.